Lol why do i always feel so left out all the time

I hate my hair so fucking much it did not grow at all within the last 3 months ive gotten it cut if anything it got more damaged i hate it looks so bad regardless of what i do to it and i dont even know how it got like this im sad and mopey and staying in my apartment all day dont mind me

omg not only did they change the announcer on hells kitchen but where is jean phillipe??????????????????????

im not feelin this new announcer on hells kitchen :/

My dad, the single lady

My dad, the single lady

I cant wait until im financially stable so i can adopt my own weiner dog

Dachshunds can’t wait to take a bath

I can actually feel my brain melting in this class

This panini from starbucks was really good but like why it gotta be $6

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