Fuck yeah scott won im so happy

My date tonight got pushed back later and this means i get to watch the hells kitchen season finale im a little too happy about this

Do u ever just like admire ur own butt in the mirror before taking a shower

do u ever write a poem and ur like “i dont really know what this is about but by the time im done itll work” and u keep writing and keep writing then when ur done u still dont have a fucking clue as to what u wrote about

cycle 6 was one of the best seasons of antm am i right or am i right

What do u do with people who continually ignore ur messages to make plans but u still want to hang out with them

I had a dream that i woke up and my phone said it was 11:27 and i had two texts but then when i really checked my phone it was 12:47 and i had one text :/

literally just googled “why do i always crave chocolate” :/

I had a dream that i was in a hotel with a bunch of “internet celebrities” but all the fans for some reason revolted and started attacking the celebrities and i was the one who pushed nash grier off a balcony and when he landed i yelled out “how do u like my arm hair” what an odd dream